Bluebird Brand Strategy

Bluebird is one of Scandinavias finest digital marketing agencies. They reached out to Ronnestam Creative Studio to clarify and elevate their brand platform and identity. The brand platform serves as the reference point for Bluebirds internal and external stakeholders. Once finished, the new guidelines centralises all the branding elements that creates the Bluebird foundation.


When we develop a new brand platform for our customers we follow an 5-step process. 1. Discovery. 2. Brand Positioning. 3. Creative Direction. 4. Design. 5. Implementation. In the different phases of the process we use different tools depending on client and industry. In the Bluebird project we performed market benchmarking and competitor analysis, key stakeholder interviews and learnings and trend research. In a series of workshops we worked with the Ronnestam Jung 12 to identify and decide on the future brand positioning. The new brand platform includes Mission, Vision, Business Concept, Core Values, Customer Promise and the final communication platform.


As the strategic foundation for the ‘new’ Bluebird brand was established we moved on to develop the new brand guidelines. It is essential that we and our customers agree on the future brand look. In order to do this we develop strategic visual prototypes, functional mock-ups and photorealistic visualisation of how the brand will look in the future. Once agreed upon we continue to develop the brand guidelines. As often before we move the project from Ronnestam Creative Studio to ROST Studio to finalise the design platform. For Bluebird we created everything from scratch. Logotype, color palette, typography, design objects, photo guidelines, website, customer presentations and all other visuals needed.


Bluebird Media


Head of Brand Strategy: Johan Ronnestam
Creative Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Head of Design: Daniel Stridsberg
Project Manager: Maria Karlefeldt


ROST Studio


VIsual Concept: Johan Ronnestam
Photographer: Jonas Lindström


Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Film Direction, Photography, Strategy


branding, Creative Direction, design, Photography, Print, Space, Strategy