Svedbergs Product Design Guidelines

A strategy guiding Swedens finest
bathroom brand into the future

ultimately, Svedbergs customers. This endeavor became a pivotal element of Svedbergs long-term strategy to evolve into a billion-dollar enterprise and reinforce its market leadership. By defining Svedbergs Bathrooms product portfolio and customer segmentation, we were able to offer more targeted and appealing products, streamline operations, and boost market competitiveness. Ronnestam Creative Studio led this transformation strategically and creatively, guiding Svedbergs through this pivotal phase.

The Product Design Guidelines project was initiated with a clear goal: to refine clarity and focus around Svedbergs product development and customer segmentation, thereby enhancing business results and solidifying Svedbergs status as a market leader. Despite years of successful product development, a gap relative to competitors was identified, signaling a pressing need to clearly articulate the range of products one could expect from Svedbergs—essential information for Svedberg's team, external partners, and

The Ronnestam Jung 12 Model

seamlessly with consumer expectations and market demand.
The strategic application of the Ronnestam Jung 12 model was crucial not only in segmenting the market but also in driving the creative process, ensuring that every product design was both strategically conceived and beautifully executed to meet the elevated standards of Svedbergs clientele. Through this method, Ronnestam Creative Studio set new benchmarks for innovation and strategic design in the industry, reinforcing Svedberg's commitment to excellence and market leadership.

In advancing the Product Design Guidelines project, Ronnestam Creative Studio employed the Ronnestam Jung 12 model—an innovative framework designed to deeply understand and identify customer profiles. This model was instrumental in defining precise customer segments and establishing clear design guidelines that resonated with specific consumer needs and preferences. This approach allowed for a nuanced exploration of Svedbergs market, leading to highly customized product offerings that aligned

Choosing five archetypes

In our project, we strategically selected five archetypes from the Ronnestam Jung 12 model to tailor our design guidelines precisely to Svedbergs diverse customer base.