Branding for Svedbergs Group

A strong brand identity reflecting change

and visual elements that contributed to brand recognition. The collaboration enhanced Svedbergs Group's reputation and drove growth in the market, establishing the company as a leader in sustainable bathroom products and services. The new brand platform and visual identity were well-received by stakeholders and customers, contributing to Svedbergs Group's continued success in the industry. The photography was develop in collaboration with Jonas Lindström Studio.

Ronnestam Creative Studio was tasked by Svedbergs Group to develop a new brand platform for their sustainable bathroom products and services. The brief included creating purpose, mission, business concept, core values, and a new visual identity aligned with the brand strategy. The partnership successfully differentiated Svedbergs Group from competitors and established a strong brand identity that reflected their values and ethos. Ronnestam Creative Studio redesigned the company's logo, typography, color palette,