BEU Watches

Iconic watches to give you room to breathe.

to yourself. Johan Ronnestam founded BEU Watches alongside his partners Fredrik Franzon, Matte Wiberg, Oskar Lindblom, Niclas Svensson, and Julia Brorsson. Together, they worked tirelessly to create timepieces that were as beautiful as they were functional. And with each new design, they brought a little more calm and inspiration to the world.

Back in 2016, Johan Ronnestam assembled a small design collective in Sweden. The group shared a strong conviction that our purpose in life is to master ourselves, rather than others. Born, raised, and based in the lands of reflection, they set out to create watches that were iconic, and that offered the same benefits as nature itself. Their goal was to make watches that could calm you down, give you space to think, room to breathe, and, most importantly, inspire you to be true