The Funmed Functional Medicine Brand

Healthcare treating the root cause of illness.

communicate the exceptional standard of care provided by Funmed. Funmed, Europe's largest medical clinic in precision health and functional medicine, boasts licensed doctors, nurses, and health coaches who are experts in seeking and treating the root causes of illness and poor health. With our branding, interior design, and photography direction, we have ensured that Funmed's positive impact is reflected not only in the quality of their services but also in their visual identity, crafted by Johan Ronnestam and Daniel Stridsberg.

Ronnestam Creative Studio played a pivotal role in developing Funmed Functional Medicine's brand platform, visual identity, and interior design with an emphasis on quality and precision. Our work also included designing their logotype and directing the photography of the organization. Funmed takes a holistic approach to personal health, utilizing advanced measurement methods and lifestyle analysis to provide high-quality solutions for mild and complex health problems while preventing illnesses. Our team's strategy focused on creating a visual identity that would