BAUX Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

Exploring the bright future of architecture.

The stand was wrapped in Pulp panels resembling a hanging monolith, immersing visitors in a peaceful atmosphere. An Acoustic Lounge showcased BAUX's commitment to sustainable and beautiful design. Our goal was to blend innovation, creativity, and sustainability transparently to inspire a better future for the industry and the world. We emphasized the importance of students, providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and inspire others. The stand was designed with standard components and will be reused in other events.

BAUX Acoustics tasked Ronnestam Creative Studio and Form Us With Love to create a stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 showcasing their Acoustic products, encouraging exploration of acoustics in architecture and interior design, and providing a great experience. We developed a concept we called 'Exploring the Bright Future of Architecture and Interior Design'. We invited architecture and interior design students to exhibit their work in the first room, displaying their ideas on eight podiums for the future of architecture and and interior design.