A visionary design platform for Svenska Spel

Prototyping the future.

comprehensive vision for the digital landscape in 2015 and an optimal approach for Svenska Spel's digital interfaces to meet those needs. Our forward-thinking approach, combined with the Ronnestam Prototype Process, ensured that Svenska Spel would be well-positioned to serve their customers for years to come. The solution we proposed was implemented and is still in use today, a testament to its enduring design.

In 2012, Ronnestam was commissioned to create a visionary design platform for Svenska Spel's digital interface that would endure. To develop this, we employed the Ronnestam Prototype Process, a proven methodology emphasizing iterative development and user testing. Our strategy phase involved interviewing internal and external stakeholders, gaining valuable insights into the future demands of Svenska Spel's customers. From this, we formulated a