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Keynote speaker

One of Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s most hired and appreciated keynote speakers on the future business landscape & trends, sustainable branding, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Topics: Sustainable branding and communication, future trends, technology, entrepreneurship, life management, design and creativity.

Inspiring & trusted

Mr Ronnestams talks challenges, inspires and energises you. With an exiting background as Snowboard professional, adventurer, serial entrepreneur and creative director with the world as his playing field, Mr Ronnestam will guide you into the future business and branding landscape, how to master creativity or how to take control of your life. Johan Ronnestam will leave your audience motivated, entertained, enlightened and ultimately wowed.
The future business landscape.

Mr Ronnestam has 20+ years experience from working with global brands. Customers such as Nike, adidas, Absolut Vodka, Kinnarps, Volvo Ocean Race and many more has trusted Johan’s business advice, brand and marketing strategies, design deliveries and trend forecasts. This is the competence Mr Ronnestam brings to your special event, meeting or venue.

Innovation & branding

How do you make sure that you and your company stay creative over time. What is innovation? How does ideas come about? How do you make ideas come alive? Mr Ronnestam have solved communication and marketing problems for global brands with successful results over and over for more than 20+ years.

Advisor, mentorship & coaching.

Mr Ronnestam’s experience spans from being a board member at The Stockholm University Marketing Communication Program as well as Scandinavia’s leading price comparison site Compricer.se to being a Creative Director for global brands as well as founding multiple successful global brands and companies. Contact Mr Ronnestam to discuss how he can coach you or your brand.

With +20 years experience of creating global communication and brand strategies. Mr Ronnestam has created global communication and strategies for brands such as Nike, adidas, BMW, Omega, H&M, IKEA, Volvo Ocean Race, Absolut Vodka, Procter & Gamble and many of Swedens strongest brands. He’s also been a member of the board at The Stockholm University Marketing Communication Program as well as Scandinavia’s leading price comparison site Compricer.se
Mr Ronnestam is also an active serial-entrepreneur and among his latest companies is the sustainable interior and architect material brand BAUX with clients like Google, Microsoft, Isobar, Boston Consulting, Volvo, EF Education, Stella McCartney and many more already have redecorated their headquarters and retail environments with the sustainable products of this new Swedish brand. His latest venture is BEU Watches – A new brand, set out to motivate people to be everything they can be in life.

“Johan Ronnestam is one of a kind: always up to date, always with his own agenda and his own take on things. In the field of digital marketing and entrepreurship, Johan is one of the most talented and respected voices in Sweden and Europe. I have used Johan as a speaker at several of IDGs and Internetworlds event in Sweden. Every time, without exception, Johan delivers the best results with a satisfied organizer and a happy audience.”
Magnus Höij – Editor in Chief, IDG Internet World

“If you are looking for someone with deep understanding of brands, consumers and the technology to reach them, Johan is second to none. He is always a step ahead, and has the rare ability to be able to take you with him to the next level. His participation on our Textappeal Advisory Board is always hugely stimulating and rewarding.”

Elliot Polak, Owner , Text Appeal

“Some words on how I feel about Johan Ronnestam: passionate, happy, high energy, focused, fast, larger than life, multi-skilled, creative, senior, experienced, unafraid, visionary hard working and fun to be around. Yes, he is a God damn superhuman and a big inspiration too!”
Martin Ragnevad, Owner , Daytona Communications

“Johan Ronnestam delivered a magical keynote on the future of communication. Filled with inspiration and knowledge it was the highlight of the day.”
Kristina Kohn Linde, Marknadsföreningen Göteborg.

“Having worked with Johan I can recommend his services. He provides excellent creative and strategic planning skills with personable and results orientated delivery.
Matthew Turner, Marketing Director, Macallan Whisky

“Johan is unique in that sense he is a multi task-person that not only can manage several areas, he’s best in each! He’s a very driven entrepreneur. Most of all he’s, I’d say, top 10 in the world in online communication & services. He has a business & communication perspective in every project but also, NO ONE can fool him in which technology that can be and should be used to achieve the goals.”

Björn Alberts, Head of Marketing Volvo Ocean Race

“One of the strongest characteristics of Johan is his ability to understand different business concepts and ideas, mix that with his deep and wide experience in e-commerce and deliver something that everyone understands and are willing to pay for. Another skill that Johan master is his coaching ability, never ever does he tell you what to do instead you are guided through his questions – very motivating. I can strongly recommend him for consulting, strategy, e-commerce and architecture.”
Roger Boström, CEO, Nordea Fleet

“As a business development professional, you appreciate most the clients who give time and integrity. Johan ‘s time was always precious yet he still managed to provide it whenever asked. Even if his decision was a ‘no’, there was a thoroughly understandable reason behind this, and when it was a ‘yes’ his enthusiasm and positivity shined. Above all else, my conversations with Johan were a large influence on why I decided to move into digital advertising.”
Laurence Lipworth, Marcus Ewans

“Johan always provided an excellent view on our business through the perspective of our key consumers. The creative solutions he developed for our brand campaigns were top of class, innovative, and truly out-of-the-box solutions. He really contributed to taking our brand to the next level.”
Rene Bretschneider, Global Project Manager, adidas International


Depending on assignment and travel time my speaking fee ranges from €2000 to €8000 excluding travel and accommodation.

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