Creating the new Svenskt Tenn lighting department


In the fall 2021 we were assigned to collaborate with the historic brand Svenskt Tenn, founded in 1924, to design their new lighting department at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm.


Our team, led by Johan Ronnestam and Maria Karlefeldt worked closely with Svenskt Tenn creative in-house team,  Head Curator Karin Södergren and Creative Åsa Brenner Toris, to conceptualise, design and implement the new extension of the historic Swedish interior design shop.


The project included planning, design, drawing and construction of all shelves, walls, ceilings, finishing, lighting, the design and installation of the cashier desks and all appliances, in addition to the management of multiple subcontractors including special interior manufacturers Solidor and C&D. We have also collaborated closely with architect Mikael Bergquist who has been responsible for the overall layout of the structural changes.


The retail shelves, uniquely designed to fit the Svenskt Tenn DNA were constructed to be highly flexible, built in, with electricity and back lighting implemented into the construction. We analysed all Svenskt Tenn products to enable flexible showcasing inside the shelves. In the new lighting department, to inspire people, we wanted to mix lighting, furniture and other products. We worked closely with Solidor to make ideas and designs come to life.



Svenskt Tenn



Creative Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Project Manager & Space Design: Maria Karlefeldt
Head Curator Svenskt Tenn: Karin Södergren
Creator Svenskt Tenn: Åsa Brenner Toris


Architecture, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, New, Space


architecture, branding, design, interior design, space design, Svenskt Tenn