BEU Watches

In 2016 Johan Ronnestam gathered a small design collective from Sweden who firmly believes that we’ve been born into this world, not to master others but to master ourselves. Born, raised and living in the lands of reflection, BEU Watches strives to create iconic time pieces that do to you what nature has always done for us – calms you down, gives you space to think, room to breathe and most importantly, inspires you to be you. BEU Watches was founded by me, Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon, Matte Wiberg, Oskar Lindblom, Niclas Svensson and Julia Brorsson.



Design: Johan Ronnestam, Matte Wiberg, Oskar Lindblom & Niclas Svensson
Strategy & Finance: Fredrik Franzon
CEO: Julia Brorsson


BEU Watches


Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Film Direction, Strategy, Style