BAUX Acoustic Pulp Launch

BAUX is one of the startups Johan Ronnestam has founded. When BAUX creates stands and events it is always a close collaboration between Johan Ronnestam, the employees at BAUX and founding partners Form Us With Love. This year was no different. Once BAUX co-founder and CEO Fredrik Franzon had approved the direction of the project, We started an intensive process to develop a final concept. This year Johan Ronnestam from Ronnestam Consulting and John Löfgren from Form Us With Love worked closely to align thoughts and ideas. Our solution: A monochromatic and minimalist pantheon built at architectural scale, a design that in the end earned us the Editors’ Choice for “Best Stand Award”.

Read more about the branding of the BAUX Acoustic Pulp.



Strategy & Creative Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Strategy & Creative Direction: FUWL & John Löfgren
Graphical Design: Daniel Stridsberg
Final Design: FUWL
Photography: Jonas Lindström


BAUX Acoustics


Architecture, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Interior Design, New, Space, Strategy