Often when I meet people I get the question “Who inspires you”
I’ve thought about this many times and since I believe it is important to tell people about things that drives you I took the decision to publish a page about inspiration. Is it good for me to do this? I don’t know.
Before your continue reading. The people and objects that inspire me has not been listed in any specific order. I’ve just decided to post things and if I remember new things I’ll continue posting it on this page.
Terje Haakonsen
Terje Haakonsen is a snowboarding legend in his own time.
I learned to know Terje when we both competed in the Snowboard World Cup. We traveled, competed and partied together. Terje totally innovated snowboard. He invented tricks that no one could ever think of. I remember when he showed me the Terje Flip the first time. At the time I had nailed the 1440° and mastered the McTwist and suddenly he launches a trick that I couldn’t even understand. It took about one year before anyone else did it. He was years ahead and still is, and it was due to creativity and believing the impossible.
Helmut Krone
I’ve always been a fan of Helmut.
Yet another person who challenged the established and developed a new standard. The work Helmut delivered with VW is amazing. His work with AVIS, Polariod and Porsche was also ahead of his time. A lot of that stuff still stands and that proofs that innovation outlives repetition.
“The most killingest pop star on the planet” – that’s her own words.
Robyn is the Swedish artist that made her debut in 1995 with her own music – only 16 years old. Just like Britney she worked with Max Martin and delivered her first Billboard 100 early in her career. However, Robyn soon thought the record companies didn’t do her anything good so she started her own record company instead. Now in 2008, she’s ahead of her game and she knows how to rock the world. Robyn is a woman that follows her own rules. She believes in her self not in any other persons ideas. She’s unique.
Andy Warhol
Do I need to write why?
Andy changed art. Andy changed the perception of fame. Andy changed the perception of gay. Andy challenged the community, the establishment, advertising, fame, New York…yes…Andy changed it all. Without Andy Campbell’s Soup, soup would still be only a soup. As I said. Do I need to say why?
When I was 5 years old I first tried skateboarding.
This was 1976 and I got my father to buy me a skate in a store on Götgatsbacken. Then in the end of the 80’s I found my way back. The culture, the sport, the people and the communication. I was like being thrown into a washing machine. I tumbled around with people that was everything but the people I had grown up with. Everyone greeted newcomers with happiness. We were all a big family. When you’re a part of something so unique as an underground culture that is not accepted by the mainstreams you will undoubtedly learn something.I learned what acceptance was.
The military
Yes, the military changed me.
I know. We’re living in a world where you’re not supposed to say that you’ve gained something positive from the military. But I did my service (in Sweden when I turned 18, most men were supposed to report to the military service) in Arvidsjaur as an elite force soldier. The military taught me endurance, being stubborn, never giving up and adapting to the group. Being told to get your skis and transport yourselves 40 km with 35 kg in your backpack when its -25° transforms you into something different. In my case I learned that nothing was impossible.
Neil French
Neil – the Muhammad Ali of Copywriting
Wow, that’s a promising headline huh? Well, Neil deserves it.
In times when the written WORD is thought to be loosing its importance Neil and his pen continue to prove differently. His work for Kaminomoto and the ‘XO’ beer has set new standards the entire advertising business but it is his longer texts with headlines to die for that deserves him a place in my book.
Paul Arden
The book that never leaves my computer bag. The man that never leaves my mind.
I carry my computer everywhere. In my bag I got the cables, some notebooks, pens, wireless broadband modem and the book ‘It’s not how good you are but how good you want to be‘ by Paul Arden. In this speed reader Paul has managed to compress some of the most important things to remember when creating advertising, doing business and living your life according to me and many more. Every now and then before a meeting, when going to bed or traveling somewhere in the world I reach for the book and get my mind on track again. Paul died in 2008 and I hope he rest in peace cause he is definitely worth it.
It’s an obvious one – or is it?
If you were driven over by a car and found yourself dying. Would you die with a smile on your face or would you feel that you didn’t do the best of your time here on earth. Sometime when I turned 17 I started to understand that life is short so you should do the best of it – everyday. This is the rule I live by. Do – your – best!
Everything makes me curious.
The other day my father, mother me and my oldest daughter Ebba were driving in a car outside Stockholm when I suddenly shouted STOP. My father hit the brakes and ran out of the car and into the nearby woods leaving my parents and Ebba behind. After a minute I came back and Ebba asked me “what did you do dad? “Well, I saw this strange rock in the woods and I wanted to see what it was” – said I. My mother turned around from the drivers seat: “Ebba, your father has always been like that”.
The things around us that makes up this world are truly amazing and inspiration is to be found absolutely everywhere.
Neil Armstrong
Oh how I wish I was him
My first memory as a child is me dreaming. I’m being chased by something but suddenly I decide to change the storyline. I get a gun in my hands and I become the hunter. I’ve always wanted to change things, go where now human has gone before. I look up at the moon at night and think about Neil. What did he think when I boarded the Apollo 11. How did he feel when he took that first step on the moon. How did it feel to look down on earth from a position where no human had been before him. Neil, and the rest of that crew did something that I hope to do everyday – they did it different and first.
Donald Duck
Personality is everything
His mood swings are the worst.He is easily provoked and his temper is explosive. He is far from perfect and fails at most things he does. By god, he’s a stupid duck. But we love him for what he is.
In 1996 I worked at a company called Delphi Economics where I was responsible for Internet related marketing. The financial industry is filled with stereotypes, people who want to fit in, be like everyone else. Boring people. I took a poster and wrote all over it “I just wanna be me” and posted it on my wall. People didn’t like that.
Akira Kurosawa
Many years ago when I first came in contact with drama it amazed me that I kept on coming back to Akira Kurosawa and the Seven Samurai. Everything there is to know about drama and creating scenes comes back to guys like Akira. The way he handles the camera, directs the crew and strives to perfect every single frame of that movie he touches – those are are the things that places him on my list.
This page is far from finished. I’ll continue writing whenever I have time and whenever I find more inspiration.