Here's a tip on how to waste 2 hours of your morning

My CV. That's what this first visualization above is. I was reading ReadWriteWeb this morning when I spotted a nice tag cloud that visualized Web 3.0. After following that link I found Wow. Wordle let's you visualize words with typography, colors and different layouts. There's 3 options. Either you go ahead

Web 2.0 for your business

In a week or two I'll post a series of tips for entrepenurs on how you can keep your costs low with the help of Web 2.0 services. However, until then you should make sure to read a post over at ReadWriteWeb on the same subject.

Tooble is cool

Sometimes you see things you just have to share but you don't have time to write something intelligent. Tooble is one of those things. Then you go to the 'About' section and copy/past. Said and done: Tooble is a brand new program designed to bring the of content

Face recognition over at

Few things makes me act on Facebook. I'm sort of tired of all these applications. However I spotted that some of my friends had performed face recognition on That made me curious. I was positively surprised. Not about who I resembled but how the application

Netscape – Rest in peace

Yesterday Netscape announced on their blog: End of Support for Netscape web browsers The fact that Netscape end their support for their web browsers marks the end of an era. My first browser was the Mosaic. Back in 93´there weren't that many to choose from. But

Google SketchUp made us buy a new house

Me and my girlfriend bought a house yesterday in Täby, Sweden. And it was Google SketchUp that forced us. The house looked kind of boring on Hemnet (a site where you browse for objects) but it was in our price range. So, what the heck, we'll