Chris Anderson - the editor in chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail is about to release a new book in 2009 called FREE. But already now we can all read a 6000 word preview of FREE. Chris is also asking us all to

Simple but addictive

Every now and then you get a link in your inbox that makes you play around more than usual. A lot of the times the idea is simple yet innovative. This little "Happy New Year" site made by an Agency called Mono is exactly that. Thanks Greg!

Will illwilly win it for Barack?

Don't know if you have visited the campaign site for Barack Obama? It's an impressive showdown in distributed social advertising. The site, designed in a typical Web 2.0 style features tons of information on how to get involved in the campaign for Barack Obama as the

Yahoo Live is…eh live.

Since a couple of days ago Yahoo Live is Live. This new site allows anyone with a webcam to stream live video of themselves to a dedicated site. All their technology isn't in place obviously Of course live streaming has been available before, but the fact

Could Nokia become Yokia?

That's a very interesting thought put forward by Stephen Wellman at Information Week. What Stephen is saying is that Nokia should get into the Yahoo bidding game. ReadWriteWeb made me read the post. Now I hope you do the same.

Tooble is cool

Sometimes you see things you just have to share but you don't have time to write something intelligent. Tooble is one of those things. Then you go to the 'About' section and copy/past. Said and done: Tooble is a brand new program designed to bring the of content

Face recognition over at

Few things makes me act on Facebook. I'm sort of tired of all these applications. However I spotted that some of my friends had performed face recognition on That made me curious. I was positively surprised. Not about who I resembled but how the application