My new Suunto T4

Today I got my new Suunto T4 with a GPS Pod and Hearth Monitor. Off course I could not resist trying it out immeadiatly. Said and done. I took of on a 7.5k run. 44 minutes! later I got the result that I'm over achieving

Turbo 3G is The Shit

A new dawn is rising.  I'm on vacation. We're spending most of it in the Swedish archipelago. Thousands of remote islands outside of Stockholm. Usually I'm out here cut of from the civilisation. Well, at least cut of from Internet and work. This spring however, most

Facebook attracts 1,000 developers a day

ZDNet Australia reports that In less than a month, Facebook has attracted more than 40,000 developers who have already created around 1,500 applications for the social networking platform. At the Facebook Developer Meetup in New York last week, the mood was summed up

A room with a view

Room 860 in the Savoy, London. This is where the blog started. I'm off to a meeting followed by a dinner tonight. Then back to Sweden tomorrow. Spent some time to find a nice but simple template for my blog and ran into this Hemingway

Awards 2003 – 2007

In 2002 I was part of founding the Foreign Digital Advertising agency. Here's a list of the awards I've been part of winning between 2003 and 2007 (so far). I'll post the 2008 awards later. 2007 New York Festivals, Finalist Award Winner 2007, “FedKit Germany”, adidas International. Category:

A campaign site for BMW motorrad

BMW Motorrad presents the Beauty and The Beast, all embodied in one terrific creature. Foreign presented the website. BMW Motorrad was ready to prove to the world that German design is in all ways equal to that of their celebrated technological prominence. Combining the true aesthetics