Netscape – Rest in peace

Yesterday Netscape announced on their blog: End of Support for Netscape web browsers The fact that Netscape end their support for their web browsers marks the end of an era. My first browser was the Mosaic. Back in 93´there weren't that many to choose from. But

Fake Steve plays tricks with Apple

Have you heard about Fake Steve? If not, Fake Steve is this guys who runs a blog where he's impersonating Steve Jobs. And lately it seems that he has pissed Apple off. Fake Steve is funny, but what's even more funny, or interesting is the word,

Do not read while driving…

On my way home in a cab the other day the GPS in the cab suddenly popped this message above while we were driving. "Attention - Only use this interface when the car is standing still. It is important that you keep your eyes on the

Ipod earrings

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party at Foreign. Ulrika, one of our AD’s was smartly dressed with earrings to match. Ipod Shuffle clipped on to her ears. Fantastic usage.