Passing along the torch

Per Robert Öhlin - Mine Goes to Eleven was sent on a mission by Judith - En timme om dagen. And now I feel obligated to pass along the torch. The mission is basic and simple. I was picked as one of Per's favorite blogs. And

8,002,530 downloads when Firefox sets a new Guinness World Record

It's a quite impressive number. 8,002,530 people all over the world helped Mozilla in setting the Guinness World Record that they officially achieved the record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours".  Firefox now has over 180 million users in more than 230 countries! Congratulations from one of your users. (PR

So what is this Midsummer thing

Today it's Midsummer evé in Sweden. This means all Swedes go to the country side, collect flowers all day and drink all night. To round it up we all end up in the grass with someone and make love until the morning comes. Eh, or as

Everything communicates

We talk a lot about how logotypes, advertising, products, packaging, tone of voice, TV commercials, websites etc etc etc communicates the brand. But usually, the more business-oriented the purpose, the stiffer the creative executions. That's why I just love to see infographics like these. How would the infographics look

The new iPhone 3G

I'm listening (reading) in on the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote Live Coverage over at Macrumours. Lot's of goodies of course. But the news about the iPhone is stunning. 3G and GPS! among other things

The advertiser who forgot who he is married to

In case you haven't seen this video from Microsoft Advertising you should take a look. It says a lot about the challenge with modern communication-  If you have - then continue down to the second video in this post and learn about the sequel "Inspiration anyone"