Min kärleksaffär

Långt där borta bakom husen vaknar hon. Hon är vackrast av oss alla. Hennes andedräkt är varm och hon ger liv åt allt liv. Hon väljer att dela med sig istället för att ta. Det hade varit så enkelt för henne att förslava oss eller

Mr Shohei Otomo rock my sunday evening

It’s Sunday evening and I’m spending some time browsing my feeds and maybe finding some last minute stuff for this coming week presentations. Pink Tentacle, one of my favorite blogs that always surprise me with something quirky introduce me to Mr Shohei Otomo - a

I'm a Leo

August has already passed and maybe it's a little bit late for me to share my horoscope. But since I like it I'll share it anyway. My birthday is the 20th of August and that makes me a Leo. I just loved this portrait found on

And now for another crowdsourcing experiment

The Japanese group Sour was about to create a new music video for their latest song 'Hibi no Neiro'. What to do? Get some fans together from around the world, put them in front of a web-cam and let them co-create the video for you. Once