How to innovate a champagne cellar

I like wine. I like whisky. I like champagne. Now I'm in love with storage of the liquids as well. Found this wonderful new champagne "cellar" over at Goldarths, one of my favorite luxury blogs. It's made by Veuve Clicquot and is called Vertical Limit. It is

Björk – The Innovation Girl

The girl from Island - Björk, obviously has the right touch. Through the years every now end then Björk turns up in new videos and movies. Although you might think this and that about her music you must agree that she is always ahead of

Send your doodles online

The Moleskine Project is this artist oriented website made to help both good and ”not so good” artists to promote their work and ideas. The main idea for the project is that everyone has an equal right to participate. No one is more equal than the

An innovative christmas gift for friends who enjoy wine

Etienne Meneau has designed this beautiful innovative wine decanter. They’re 65 cm high! Fill these with some cool liquid fluids and you’ll have yourselves a nice sculpture. Standing, lying on the side, up side down glued to something. Possibilities are endless. Video Anything to do with communication? Sure

Prisoners rock the pants of Michel Jackson

If you haven't seen this wonderful movie from the Phillipines. Then do. It will ROCK your pants of. These guys are 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice! Note that the Video has 9,171,772 viewings! Someone release them NOW!

Ship Ohoy, here comes the street brands.

When brands out there stay on firm ground, street and surfing companies takes branding to the high seas. In Amsterdam street G-Star Raw brand has built a boat that travels the canals of the Dutch capital. More on the G-Star Raw ferry on Dezeen  My favorite though