adidas +10 World Cup Campaign

The launch of the +10 campaign was also the start of “The Fan’s World Cup”, with a recruitment drive to group viewers with their favourite players in the pursuit of both real-life and online events and games.
adidas, wanting to provide a vehicle to football fans all over the world, approached Foreign to bring 180’s +10 concept to life online to get as many people involved in the World Cup as possible; to lead them on an interesting path all the way to 2006.
To create an environment where football fans and players, the world over, could come together in a symbiotic environment, that didn’t feel forced. Language and cultural barriers could not stand in the way of the momentum of this campaign. It had to appeal to everyone, in an interesting way that has never been done before.
The result was a groundbreaking interactive platform, whereby the target audience actually connects with, as though engaged in a one-on-one conversation, the very athletes that make the World Cup such an enormous event.
The incredible was made to feel normal, almost like everyday dialogue one would have with their friends; players are encouraging the viewer to interact, reversing the expected roles.the Site
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