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Here’s a selection of startups, brands, companies founded by Johan Ronnestam from Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia.


I founded my first company in 2001. Foreign, was the name of the digital brand and advertising studio I created. With clients like adidas Global, IKEA, H&M, Absolut Vodka, Procter & Gamble and more, Foreign became one of Swedens fastest growing companies in three years. Running your own business was something I loved. As time have passed I’ve spent more time thinking about how to do things I love. Money is secondary. Below you can find some of the brands I’m currently spending time on.

Startups & Investments

Role: Founder, Strategy & Brand
Status: Active


We founded BAUX on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful.

Role: Founder & Creative Director
Status: Active

BEU Watches

BEU Watches is founded to inspire people around the world to challenge themselves to live the life of their dreams.

Role: Founder, Creative Director & Strategy
Status: Active

ROST Studio

ROST Studio is a Stockholm based design studio founded by the dynamic creative duo Johan Ronnestam & Daniel Stridsberg. We make lifestyle & design brands come alive.


Role: Co-Founder & Brand Strategy
Status: Exited in 2020

Zero Point Compression

Scientifically optimised compression clothing and products for sports and recovery.

Role: Partner & Brand Advisor
Status: Sold in 2018

Mountain Works

Mountain Works creates Scandinavian fashion that inspires and empowers people to explore outdoor and urban frontiers.

Role: Co-Founder & Brand Strategy
Status: Exited in 2019

UDO Bikes

UDO Electrical Bikes creates clean commuting alternatives extending the range of the human muscles.

Role: Partner & Brand Advisor
Status: Closed in 2019


Swedish mobile app brand that aims to help kids all over the world to realise their creative learning potential.

Role: Founder, Creative Director & Strategy
Status: Sold in 2015


LYX is a Swedish blog community and independent buyer’s guide for men & women.

Role: Founder & Digital Strategy
Status: Closed in 2019


Starty created a socially distributed e-commerce platform. The platform was sold in 2015.

Role: Founder & Creative Director
Status: Closed in 2007


FOREIGN was a global digital brand and advertising agency with +40 employees. Gasell in three years.

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