Creative Direction for Svenskt Tenn summer of 2022

Svenskt Tenn, one of the worlds finest interior product and design brand, founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, assigned Johan Ronnestam as acting their Creative Director for selected activities, to evolve their brand communication. Among several other projects Johan, together with Svenskt Tenn’s own Curator Karin Södergren, created and directed the concept for the 2022 Summer exhibition and communication.


The concept Scents of Summer, is a celebration of Scandinavian summers. Photographer Ola Rindal created a series of films where every detail of the summer season was captured: the sounds, the smells and the proximity to nature.


Johan, Karin and the rest of the Svenskt Team then visited a house by the sea where photographer Erik Wahlström, art directed by Marika Vaccino, created a series of stills of the beautiful Svenskt Tenn products. We also brought Robin Danehav onboard to work with Johan on a film showcasing how Karin Södergren curated the exhibition.


The result, to be enjoyed both on and offline, is a tribute of the never ending, long, bright days and balmy nights of Scandinavian summers.



Svenskt Tenn



Creative Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Creative & Curator: Karin Södergren
Art Direction: Marika Vaccino
Project manager Svenskt Tenn: Linnea Fjellander
Production Manager Photography: Dinah Ibrahim
Copywriter: Lisa Licheri
Senior Advisor: Thommy Bindefeldt


Scents of Summer Photography & Film

Photography & Film Scents of Summer: Ola Rindal
Photography at the House:
Erik Wahlström


Interview film Karin Södergren

Film Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Videographer: Robin Danehav


Branding, Creative Direction, Film Direction, New, Photography, Strategy


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