BAUX at Clerkenwell 2022

This year at Clerkenwell Design Week in London, BAUX aimed to make an impression and also launch its latest product – The Wood Wool Acoustic Ceiling. The Old Session House, one of the most iconic and historic buildings in the Clerkenwell had a space where BAUX moved into . ROST Studio was assigned to create, design and construct the interior design for the BAUX space. Johan Ronnestam together with Maria Karlefeldt and the rest of the ROST Studio team created a concept called the Acoustic Lounge.


Challenged with the fact that the entire interior design solution had to be carried up two flights of stairs and into a 120x220cm wide door we constructed a modular space containing an stand inspired by a greek amphitheater, a centrepiece with all important parts of the BAUX product range and a tunnel where visitors could experience the new BAUX Acoustic Ceiling. The result was a great success. The BAUX Acoustic Lounge, built by Craft Expo, was the most visited, and talked about, stand at the Clerkenwell Design Week.






Creative & Design Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Space architecture: Maria Karlefeldt & Johan Ronnestam
Production Manager: Dinah Ibrahim
Design: Niclas Karlsson


Project manager BAUX: Niki Gynnerstedt and Fredrik Franzon


Photography: Johan Ronnestam, Mark Cocksedge and Jonas Lindström

Craft Expo


Architecture, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Interior Design, New, Space