Kotone Utsunomiya for Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn is a legendary Swedish brand dating back to 1924. Leading up to the Svenskt Tenn holiday celebrations Ronnestam Creative Studio was assigned to create a visual concept for interviewing the 2021 Christmas baubles artist Kotone Utsunomiya. We travelled to historic city Prague and

Bluebird Brand Strategy

Bluebird is one of Scandinavias finest digital marketing agencies. They reached out to Ronnestam Creative Studio to clarify and elevate their brand platform and identity. The brand platform serves as the reference point for Bluebirds internal and external stakeholders. Once finished, the new guidelines centralises

BEU Watches

In 2016 Johan Ronnestam gathered a small design collective from Sweden who firmly believes that we’ve been born into this world, not to master others but to master ourselves. Born, raised and living in the lands of reflection, BEU Watches strives to create iconic time

Moving ICA into the future

ICA. With 2,400 of its own and retailer-owned stores in five geographic markets, approached Ronnestam Consulting with a challenge. Could we guide them in the process of finding out what “Next Generation Marketing” meant for them and how the could continue build a world class

BAUX Forest Wall

When we were to release the new BAUX Wood Wool Panels we set out to showcase how close to the factory the source of the product was harvested. We decided to build a gigantic wall in the middle of the forest. The process was closely

SJ Future Prototype

SJ is a Swedish state-owned company that runs railway passenger traffic from Narvik, Norway in the north to Berlin, Germany in the south. This brand, with more than 100 years history and 5000 employees who handle approximately 100 000 customers a day, turned to Ronnestam

Marginalen Bank Benke Campaigns

Through the years, the work for Marginalen Bank has always been based on creativity. When Marginalen Bank wanted to express their passion to think different about how offer people financial solutions we turned to Swedish dancer Fredrik 'Benke' Rydman.   Team Creative & Art Direction: Johan Ronnestam Project Management:

Creative Direction, Advertising & Design for adidas global

In 2000 I started working with adidas International. Through the years, in my role as a Head of Strategy, Creative Director, Art Director and sometimes hands-on-designer, together the fantastic people that worked at Abel & Baker, and then many of the employees of 'Foreign', the