Marginalen Bank Benke Campaigns

Through the years, the work for Marginalen Bank has always been based on creativity. When Marginalen Bank wanted to express their passion to think different about how offer people financial solutions we turned to Swedish dancer Fredrik 'Benke' Rydman.   Team Creative & Art Direction: Johan Ronnestam Project Management:

A diving brand brought to life

The mission. To re-brand Poseidon and bring their marketing strategies into the 22 century. Our task was to create a cross-functional and multi-dimensional definition of the Poseidon brand. Once that was done we set out to design and dramatise a differentiated brand experiences across the

Creative Direction, Advertising & Design for adidas global

In 2000 I started working with adidas International. Through the years, in my role as a Head of Strategy, Creative Director, Art Director and sometimes hands-on-designer, together the fantastic people that worked at Abel & Baker, and then many of the employees of 'Foreign', the

Suunto global digital brand presence

Suunto, one of the worlds premier outdoor performance brands was looking to strengthen their global digital brand presence. This great Finish sports brand assigned Johan Ronnestam to first develop a digital brand strategy and then create a new design plattform. It was important for Suunto

Strong visuals and copy for BWM Motorrad

BWM Motorrad wanted a simple yet emotionally strong concept site when launching the BMW R1200S motorcycle. Sometimes copy together with strong images are enough and that's the solution we went with this time. Here's a few screengrabs from the concept site created for BWM Motorrad back