Diving brand Poseidon brought to life

A unique brand positioning

focus on performance. We maintained a consistent brand voice across all touchpoints, from the website to social media.

Our re-branding efforts, with the addition of Wayne Levin's photography, successfully positioned Poseidon as a modern and innovative brand in the diving industry, with a strong focus on quality and sustainability. This helped to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, contributing to the company's continued success in the market.

Our team was tasked with re-branding Poseidon, a company known for developing high-quality diving gear. With the aim of modernizing their marketing strategies and creating a unique brand experience, we collaborated with renowned photographer Wayne Levin.

We conducted research to understand Poseidon's target audience, competitors, and brand values. Based on this, we developed a unique brand positioning that highlighted Poseidon's commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. We designed a modern and sleek visual identity, with a modern color palette reflecting the brands