BAUX Acoustic Pillars at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Bringing the Temple of Bacchus to Stockholm.

paid homage to the Temple of Bacchus, while offering a grand and strong experience for visitors to the stand. The Roman Pillars concept effectively communicated the brand and its new collection, standing out as a memorable and innovative design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The matching of the wood wool panels to the ancient architecture of the Temple of Bacchus added an extra layer of depth to the design.

The Roman Pillars concept was created to showcase BAUX's new wood wool collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Inspired by Johan Ronnestam's visit to the Temple of Bacchus, we aimed to capture the grandeur and majesty of the ancient Roman temple through our design. Working closely with Form Us With Love, we refined the concept, drawing inspiration from the temple's architecture. The result was a visually appealing construction that