First Versace, then H&M and now Louis Vuitton ads. Madonna got the fashion giants wrapped around her finger

Popstar Madonna featured in Louis Vuitton 2009 advertising campaign. 
In 2005 Madonna made Versace look like a million dollars. Then in 2007 she was one of H&M limited edition models. Her appearance took part in continuing building H&M as a fashion savvy low-price brand, following for example the Kylie campaign that I personally worked with. Now she’s been picked up by Marc Jacobs to be featured as the lead model for Louis Vuitton in 2009.
In a series of Frensh Bistro inspired ads where Madonna brings the Louis Vuitton pattern to the next level the +50 year old superstar shows who’s the King (yes, in Madonnas world I think King is the right word) of trend. 
Madonna featured in H&M’s 2007 campaign.
One has to admire Madonna. It’s amazing to see how she’s constantly manages to stay fresh and interesting. There’s now doubt this latest campaign strenghtens her brand. But how does it affect Louis Vuitton that she’s been featured for both H&M and Versace the last 4 years? H&M is in my book the brand that has everything to gain from this ‘Madonna masquerade’.
Madonna featured in the 2005 Versace campaign.
It’s makes you think. First Versace then H&M and now Louis Vuitton. 10 years back in time something like this would have been unthinkable. What’s next? A Rolls Royce trimmed by Skoda?
The world of branding and advertising is turning up side down, so strap up and get ready for a joy ride!
The ads that I picked up over at Trendhunter has been shot by Steven Meisel.