R.I.P Paul Arden

When I'm on the road I always bring my computer bag. And in that computer bag I keep my Mac, a couple of extra screen adaptors, paper and pen, business cards, electrical adaptors for different countries AND the book "It's not how good you are,

Got Mac? Got Webkit?

Ahhhhgrr. To much work to little blogging. But here is a quick tip if you wanna speed up your weekend. (If you're surfing the net that is) Every heard of Webkit? It's the platform that Apples Safari browser is built on. The cool thing is that

The Apathyparty

This week we launched our latest campaign at Foreign in close cooperation with Strawberry Frog. It's the first and maybe the last campaign where we don't give a shit about the result. As a matter of fact, we don't care at all. Whatever. The brief: Make