Got Mac? Got Webkit?

Ahhhhgrr. To much work to little blogging. But here is a quick tip if you wanna speed up your weekend. (If you're surfing the net that is) Every heard of Webkit? It's the platform that Apples Safari browser is built on. The cool thing is that

A Swedish post about Webbstrategidagarna live.

Idag klockan 13:30 kommer jag att tala på Webbstrategidagarna. Om du skulle råka vara där, kom gärna fram och säg hej. Tänkte jag skulle dela med mig av mitt framträdande. Så jag tar och sänder det live här:Sändningen startar idag 13:30. >Nu är det slut< Tekniken verkar

There is 9 182 927 of us

I'm Swedish. And the Swedish population increased during 2007 with 69 670 persons. This means we're 9 182 927 in total in this little norther country. Quite impressive that this little country can deliver great athletes, musicians, movie-stars, entrepreneurs and so on. Go Swedes go!

The Whopper Freak out is freaked out

A while back I wrote about the Whopper Freak out. A great advertising solution where Burger King killed the Whopper and put peoples reactions on TVC - all to see on their campaign site. However, now about two month later it's cool to see that the

A great post on car logos

So you think you got it covered when you say - "Don't touch the logo". Heck the guys over at SAAB obviously forgot that rule. But on the other hand. Rules are meant to be broken! Car fan as I am I'm spending quite some timing

Simple but addictive

Every now and then you get a link in your inbox that makes you play around more than usual. A lot of the times the idea is simple yet innovative. This little "Happy New Year" site made by an Agency called Mono is exactly that. Thanks Greg!