First shock absorber on Mars?

In case you missed it there is now a lander called Phoenix on Mars. The thing landed 17:07 local time on Mars (what the hell that now is).  This view of one of the footpads of NASA's three-legged Phoenix Mars Lander shows a solid surface at the

Microsoft is adding a 6th gear to Live search

Caught this post the other day on Techcrunch about Microsoft's new way of attracting search traffic. What's impressing is that this new Live Search Cashback is both a way to attract new people to Live Search and a challenger to Pricerunner, Kelkoo, Compricer and other price

Shopping experience of tomorrow

Quick note from London. As always I'm on the look-out for new gadgets. This time it led me to the Apple concept store on regent street. And as expected I didn't find anything new since Apple seldom surprise you instore. The new things turn up online

Flash 10 on it's way

Adobe announced today that Flash 10 is on it's way and a first beta is available of their site. The new version of the more than 10 year old animation and rich media plugin will create new possibilities for both designers and coders. From a first glance

Changed theme

In pursuit of easier readability, visibility of links I've tweaked a theme called Prisa 2. Hope it makes it easier to read my blog. Good night.

I'll be in Livigno this weekend

The Source, Europe’s b2b magazine for surf/snow/skate, is organizing the fourth annual snowboard industry forum from the 24-26th of April in Livigno Italy and I'm invited to speak about digital communication. If you would happen to be in the area - let me know and


Har just tittat klart på Nyheterna och fått höra att den 42-åring som varit misstänkt för bortförandet av 10-åriga Engla nu erkänt. 42-åringen har tagit Engla när hon har varit på väg hem på sin cykel och sedan dödat och grävt ner henne på en