I'm getting my daughter one of these

Yes its paper and no, everything doesn't have to be digital. This new camera from Zink is absolutely something my daughter would love. We all remember the wonderful feeling of shooting something with a Polaroid and then waiting for that photo to slowly appear on the paper. I

Star Wars holograms are no longer part of the future.

I bumped into this post about an adidas Hologram before getting to sleep. Wow. This technology is really becoming something to consider for all kind of marketing activities. Here is the adidas one and a few other: L'hologramme de Mandanda chez Adidas by football-adidas          

Who the hell are you

  The image above is a screenshot from my statistics software showing you the most recent searches. 9 of the latest 18 includes ‘ronnestam’ (50%) in one way or another. So I’m wondering - who are you, what are you looking for, do you represent a