20 years later and Tony Hawk is still the man!

When I grew up I spend quite many days snowboarding, surfing and skating. One of the skate-heroes back then was of course Tony Hawk. Well, he still rips the shit out of anyone! You ROCK Tony! Tony Hawk At Soggy Bottom on ShredOrDie.com

I used to Skateboard

  So, when I found this extraordinary gallery at Notcot I just had to tip about it. You rarely see sports portrayed in a way that is good looking. But this is stunning! 

Innovative Grafitti

Alexandre Orion innovates graffiti. But obviously you're not allowed to help cleaning up public spaces.

This guy knows Lego

Andrew Lipson has a beautiful collection of Lego creations on his website.  This interpretation of Eschers "Relativity" is my favorite. A truly innovative way to use lego. Read more about it on Andrew's website.