Google SketchUp made us buy a new house

Me and my girlfriend bought a house yesterday in Täby, Sweden. And it was Google SketchUp that forced us. The house looked kind of boring on Hemnet (a site where you browse for objects) but it was in our price range. So, what the heck, we'll

Porsche Cayenne now with Hybrid power…in the US

You won't see this instrument panel in Europe for quite some time. It's funny isn't it. No one has give a sh*#t about the climate "over there" until suddenly the price on gas goes skyrocket. What happens, Porsche Cayenne is launched shortly after as a Hybrid.

Let's design more and better

Thinking about how to fit design into your business. Follow this link to a wonderful and insightful with practical ideas and real-life examples of just that. Found it over on the SwissMiss blog.

Innovative Music video from Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire has produced a cool little promo site for their new album Neon Fire. It's an innovative way to use interactive video. No square boxes and no timelines. Just music and you. Check it out here ›› More about Arcade Fire here ››

I Miss .Gif

Saturday morning. About to head downtown for a strole with my youngest daughter Linn. Just before leaving I browsed some RSS feeds in Netvibes. Ended up on admiring these lowtech animated .gif on FFFound. .Gif is almost extinct nowadays so stuff like this make me remember