The pacemaker launch is coming closer

I'm soo much looking forward to the launch of the Pacemaker in February. Pacemaker is this revolutionizing portable DJ system packed with all the professional audio manipulation features you need to DJ where ever you go. What's stunning with it is that it's not only a DJ

Ipod earrings

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party at Foreign. Ulrika, one of our AD’s was smartly dressed with earrings to match. Ipod Shuffle clipped on to her ears. Fantastic usage.

This is experimental BUT great advertising

Got this one from the Fallon Planning blog. And it's so grabbing that I found myself watching the full 7 minutes. Brief Create an online viral video that shows peoples love for the Burger King Whopper. Problem We cannot tell people what a great product The whopper is, we

How to innovate a champagne cellar

I like wine. I like whisky. I like champagne. Now I'm in love with storage of the liquids as well. Found this wonderful new champagne "cellar" over at Goldarths, one of my favorite luxury blogs. It's made by Veuve Clicquot and is called Vertical Limit. It is

We got Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet covered

This morning we launched our (Foreign’s) latest campaign for Com Hem, one of swedens leading telecom companies. The campaign has been building for a couple of weeks with teasers towards todays Lucia campaign. On, Swedens most visited newspaper, visitors will enjoy a Lucia celebration and

Björk – The Innovation Girl

The girl from Island - Björk, obviously has the right touch. Through the years every now end then Björk turns up in new videos and movies. Although you might think this and that about her music you must agree that she is always ahead of