Everything communicates

We talk a lot about how logotypes, advertising, products, packaging, tone of voice, TV commercials, websites etc etc etc communicates the brand. But usually, the more business-oriented the purpose, the stiffer the creative executions. That's why I just love to see infographics like these. How would the infographics look

I Miss .Gif

Saturday morning. About to head downtown for a strole with my youngest daughter Linn. Just before leaving I browsed some RSS feeds in Netvibes. Ended up on admiring these lowtech animated .gif on FFFound. .Gif is almost extinct nowadays so stuff like this make me remember

This guy knows Lego

Andrew Lipson has a beautiful collection of Lego creations on his website.  This interpretation of Eschers "Relativity" is my favorite. A truly innovative way to use lego. Read more about it on Andrew's website.