Why I blog.

Now this is just a nice picture from Hawaii covered with a statement. Nice huh!? An old friend of mine asked me the other day. "Why the hell are you writing a blog for?" I answered: I first started to write a blog in 2002 when I first

On this day.

Today my beloved daughter Ebba turned 8 years. It's scary how time flies. Woke her up at AM 0630. We had a lovely morning with a small celebration before school. Ebba 8. I love you! Then off to the south parts of Stockholm. Had a great morning

Do you remember what…

...sport you loved when you were a teenager? ...name your first love had? ...your favorite playground looked like when you were a kid? ...games you used to play after school? ...your favorite color was when you were young? ...music you listened to? ...how your childrens room looked like? ...authors you used to

And here comes the sun

The Sun and my youngest daughter Linn. Two sources of positive energy! This week has been quite a ride between great things and not so great things. I guess in one sense a week like any other but in another week like no other. As my

Why I love surfing

Self portrait from Easky, Ireland in october 2012. More than 20 years ago my good friend Mathias Wiberg asked me if I wanted to tag along to Easky, Ireland and learn how to surf. I was in the middle of my snowboard career and surfing felt

Get great music for your videos

Ever run into the problem of uploading a video to Facebook or YouTube and getting it stopped because of the music you've chosen? Here's a saturday tip: In the future. Pick music that is published under the Creative Commons licence. Find great sites over at

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