You’ll Be On A Roll

The future is bright, that’s for sure. At least if you’re into portability and gadgets. This flexible new oled display developed by Sony makes the iPad seem like a brick huh!

Fubiz lit up the road this time.

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  • It's amazing how a lot of companies still find ways to innovate already brilliant technology. Here we were adoring the iPad, touch screens, and other inventions that were unimaginable a couple of years back. Suddenly there's this ultra flexible screen– also unimaginable for some (including me) a couple of minutes ago.

    It makes me happy to see companies, like Sony, who push the limit and aim to provide something new for their customers. The ability to give people more than what's currently possible is a great asset for any business. It builds excitement and opens your brand up as a leader, a provider, and possibly an essential part of people's lives.

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