These Are The Reactions You’re Looking For When Launching A New Product

I have always been a great fan of Dyson. A company truly based on innovation. First famous for their vacuum cleaners they’ve now released a fan (updated) without any blades.

This video below shows people being confronted with the hairdryer for the first time and it’s a perfect example of true innovation and the consequences of it. When was the last time your product made people react like this?

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  • Clark

    Agree, it's not often you get those kinds of reactions.

    P.S. It's a fan, not a hairdryer.

  • ronnestam

    Hey Clark.


  • This is classic, but faced with a fan with no blades, I too would have an identical reaction…. Crazy! Thanks for the post.

  • I agree, the reactions are amazing. But I wonder if questions like “what is it?” is good or bad. If your potential customers don´t get it, maybe you have gone too far considering the MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable) principle. The risk as I see it, is that this will end up as another “cool” fan at sites like It´s about time though, that the classical fan is developed to something else

  • David Finer

    Check out the Dyson Airblade for drying your hands in public restrooms. It blows the competion away (I have no commercial interest in the manufacturer whatsoever, just want to share my positive reaction on trying these out when I visited London recently). U will find clips on YouTube though perhaps none like the one for the hairdryer.

  • Nice experiment