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About five years ago I launched new process that could help brands and companies to break out of their stand still and also help me in creating the right climate for change in the projects I work with. I call this process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. 


The process contains of three main activites; Today, The Future and Tomorrow. 

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process is based on a combination of my own 20 years of experience of working with some of the most known brands of the world merged with ideas from leading innovators such as Hartmut Esslinger (the brain behind Frog Design), Yves Béhar and Dieter Rams and the way the car industry historically have been working with prototypes and innovation.

The car industry that have been working with prototypes for more than 50 years. These prototypes are not only meant to make people go wow. They’re in fact used to show the future direction of the car brand thus also align all expectations from media, customers, staff and partners in one direction. One of the most important thing is to make people look towards the future instead of looking back at history.


The BMW Efficient Engineering concept prototype showcased in Frankfurt 2009. In 2014 the BWM i8 has taken large parts of this concept into production.

Five years have passed and I’ve delivered six prototypes containing strategic and tactical recommendations for four of Sweden’s largest brands (Svenska Spel & ICA among others) and two of the worlds largest brands (Danone among others). Until now these projects has been hidden in the dark due to the fact that these brands have chosen to keep these projects secret. However, the projects have been successfully implemented and lead to dramatic changes in terms of how the companies have prioritized their budgets and future plans. Now I’m pleased to be able to give you insight into the process itself [click to continue…]


After 3D comes 4D


A couple of month ago I received my Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. Even though I’ve been speaking about the revolution 3D printing presents one can not really understand the impact of 3D printing before you actually have a 3D printer at home. My first prints were a couple of toys for my kids inspired by the classic [click to continue…]

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google-glasses-futureWould you wear a pair of these?

I got my first private mobile phone back in 1994. It was Nokia 2110, extremely small at that time. At that time you couldn’t get hold of wireless handsfree. Then a couple of years later I got my first Bluetooth enabled mobile. I can’t remember the brand but I do remember the first day I walked down a street in Stockholm and made a phone call on that thing. People looked at me suspiciously and I should probably be grateful that [click to continue…]

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In 10 years from now you will…


  • …have the opportunity to be a passenger in your own driverless car.
  • …own storage of material for your 3D printer.
  • …not need to carry a credit card.
  • …have two or three mobile phones or whatever you’ll call them.
  • …control all electronics in your house with your mobile.
  • …be talking to a Japanese in Japanese without know japanese.
  • ….log everything you do to different databases online.
  • …drive a car that doesn’t run on gasoline.
  • …have a robot that will mow your lawn, clean your house and do your laundry.
  • …hear of the first human being who have turned 150 years old.
  • …spend more time than ever shopping for fresh food and no time at all shopping for stuff you don’t care about.
  • …have a drone following you with a camera when you do sports.
  • …see how robots have started to replace the 3rd world human workers in the world.
  • …wear safety products that reinvents your way of practising sports.
  • …think using your voice, brain and pupils to control things is normal.

I’ll still be surfing and my oldest daughter will turn 18 years old.

We’re soon there!



We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift. In Sweden and around the world advertising agencies are fighting over clients. As I’m meeting brands both in- and outside Sweden I’m often approached by major brand owners asking me which agency I would recommend. Most of them complain over the fact that the big agencies of today still haven’t got what digital is all about while the digital agencies haven’t got what branding and communication truly is about.

Behind the scenes great brands are switching agencies like I used to switch dipers on my kids a couple of years ago. This is not a good thing. Great communication is built upon good relations between agency and client and a deep understanding of what the brand you’re supposed to communicate stands for. So how do you [click to continue…]


The three components of future brands


Were living in the transparent century where all information ia accessible only a keystroke away. Somewhere in the world someone is working right now on project ment to disrupt your brand and your products. We all fight hard to get our 15 minutes of fame. How can we get people to talk about our brand, our products and services?

What sticks? That is the question?

Well then, let’s talk about what sticks and what [click to continue…]



Fashion de’luxe!

Today I was looking for some ideas on Down Jackets (as I’m a partner in a clothing brand…will get back to that another day ). Google. Push. Search. Bang. My browser explodes with all kinds of wonderful inspiration. A couple of clicks later I’m reading this Frensch blogger on clothing that have posted a series of scanned pictures from a Japanese magazine writing about [click to continue…]


How To Successfully Identify A Future Trend

I’m currently working on my 2011 brand and communication prediction. While I’m working on that I drew up one of the best models I know when it comes to predicting future trends. Enjoy!

How To Identify Trends


This last year, 2009 has been a blast in many ways. Almost every day I’ve received interesting news from friends, other bloggers and my RSS feeds. Even thought we’ve seen one of the most severe economical downturns this year it seems advertising, communication and technology has been the business to be in.

Brands seem to have learned from the history and brand spend has rather gone up than down for a lot of brands. We’ve also seen Twitter and Facebook continue to grown faster than anything else on the planet and social media and open technologies has prospered due to that fact. The iPhone has continued to grow and Android is picking up it’s pace. Google has released lots of new cool products even though the Wave didn’t really become the clean double over head a lot of us expected.

Most brands have been looking for one-offs and as I look back at the 2009 Cannes Lions winners it strikes me that I can’t really remember one single campaign that stood out and changed the world of advertising. We’re slowly moving away from bought space to earned space, this is most certainly the reason why my brain plays these tricks with me.

I’m not gonna spend more of this post summing up 2009. Other people, papers, bloggers and personalities has done a great job doing this already. Instead let’s move on to 2010.

Click for a larger image

Here are the Brand and communication predictions for 2010 by Johan Ronnestam


This is more of a change in how we live, consume, work, advertise and communicate. We will of course use all technology available to become more real but we will strive to make things more realistic, true [click to continue…]


I’ve always wanted to write a book. This is NOT it!
So far this year my blog have had more than 115 000 unique visitors and just over 240 000 visits. I’ve written more than 500 blog posts covering everything from design, gadgets, trends, technology, advertising, innovations, personal things, branding and more.

About 28% of the visitors during this last year have ended up reading a post that was tagged with branding. That’s probably not a coincidence since besides trends and creativity I’d say branding is the subject that is the most dearest to me.

When I’ve been looking deeper down into the stats I’ve seen that many of you visitors haven’t really explored my blog beyond the posts on the first page or the actual post you came to read. This is why I thought it made sense to gather them all like this – ‘Top 10 Blog Posts on Future Branding and Communication From Ronnestam.com’ - My first book.


A Book, MashUp, PDF or Whatever You Wanna Call It By Johan Ronnestam

Even though this isn’t actually what I would call a book it’s been the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with the production process of a book. I’ve put a big block in my calendar covering January, February and March and if everything goes right I will present my ‘real’ book sometime in April or May next year. It will be a book on how to integrate future communication with product and service development. One things for sure – I’m doing it on my own. But for now you have to do with this first book, mashup, pdf or whatever you wanna call it.

4 Ways to get your hands on Top 10 Blog Posts on Future Branding and Communication From Ronnestam.com With Love

1. Buy a signed copy of the printed book – 39€ including shipping world wide.

I’ve printed 150 books in Denmark at Norhaven. Out of those 150 I’m giving 50 signed copies away to the first 50 Twitter retweets of this post (if you live outside Sweden you have to pay for the shipping). If you wanna get your hand on one of the other 100 signed ones you either hope to get one at one of my speaking occasions during 2010 or you contact me to buy one for €39 including shipping costs.

2. Download the PDF for free (pay by linking or tweeting this blog post)

Here’s the PDF if you wanna download it and read it off your [click to continue…]


Here’s the latest iPhone app that….naa

Obviously we’re not really there yet. But this spoof gives us a pretty good idea where technology is heading. On top of that I’m getting a smile for free! You will too.



Last year, inspired by ReadWriteWeb I stuck my nose out and tried to predict what 2008 would bring us in terms of trends, technology, communication and ideas. About 70% of my thoughts were confirmed but I of course missed out on some too.

2008 is coming to an end and it’s time for me to let that poor nose of mine feel the heat again. 2009 is harder to predict than ever since we have a free falling economy in the world at the moment. How will smaller budgets effect advertising, investments in technology, self confidence and personal evolvement? Hell if I knew, but here are some ideas. [click to continue…]