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The new Apple iMedia? (isn’t it strange that Apples iTunes interface is made for exactly a 10″ screen)

All over the net people are buzzing about what will come from Apple the next WWDC event in June. Reports says Apple has ordered a bunch of 10” displays that might be used to build a Tablet Mac, HD iTouch or a business iPhone. From these alternatives I think the HD iTouch is the most probable rumor (at least I hope so). However I think we should take it a couple of steps further than people have done so far.

Today I had a little discussion about this subject with Alexander Drewniak and Björn Alberts and I decided to publish my thoughts here as well.

Here is what I would do If I were Steve Jobs.

I would launch a 10” version of the iTouch that has a combination of the iTouch and Apple TV interface inside and call it iMedia.

The new Apple iMedia to be launched at the 2009 WWDC event would include a wireless HDMI plug that made it possible for me to sit at home, using the it to browse Apple TV, my iTunes application, the internet [click to continue…]