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60 seconds of pure passion

Just home from a weekend in St Anton with the mountain guides at Piste to Powder. This says it all:



As you might have seen I’ve been working with Marginalen Bank for quite some time now. Last time I posted about Marginalen I wrote about the campaign featuring world class dancer Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman. Benke was one of the founders of the dance collective Bounce. Today he’s doing tons of choreography and he’s also the founder of the dance gym House of Shapes. Now as the time had come for a a new brand campaign decided to create sequel to the first campaign. The results when we first aired ‘Benke’ last fall was impressive. The campaign generated great numbers for the Marginalen Bank brand awareness [click to continue…]



Fredrik Wass, Swedish blogger, freelancing journalist, thinker and speaker set out on a mission last year. He set out on a mission to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. He called the project #Blogg100. Already then he urged people to join in.

Now a year later he called out again and asked people to join him. Amazingly enough tons of Swedes decided to have a go and to be honest it’s not that strange. I guess there’s more people than me out there that partly see themselves as bloggers…but with a blog that has gone quiet. There has been many times lately when I’ve been opening my blog to write a post or two but out of some reason I haven’t pressed that [click to continue…]


Du har säkert sett att jag själv och Göran Adlén har kommit på den fantastiska idéen att prata om kommunikation, trender, teknologi, reklam, design och massor av andra aktuella ämnen oavbrutet i 24 timmar i sträck på Clarion Sign Hotel nu på fredag den 6:e maj. Och som om det inte var nog – Robin Danehav, med stöd av Petter Karlsson, sitter också vaken 24 timmar i sträck och ser till att du som inte kan komma och hälsa på oss istället kan följa spektaklet LIVE på nätet.

Besök oss gärna på plats

Nu har du tre val. Vi hoppas att du väljer ett eller alla av följande alternativ:
1. Kom ner till Clarion Sign Hotel och hälsa på någon gång under de 24 timmarna.
2. Följ du livesändningen på nätet.
3. Följ konversationen kring eventet genom att bevaka #24live. Vi kommer göra vårt bästa för att svara på frågor och kommentarer.

Oavsett vilket val du gör tänkte vi ge dig några hållpunkter som kanske gör din planering enklare.

24 Hours Live 6:e – 7:e Maj / hållpunkter:

12:00-13:00 – Genialitet eller galenskap?
Introduktion till 24 hours. Vad är det här egentligen? Ett inledande [click to continue…]


Me and partner in crime Göran Adlén, one of Swedens most hired and admired speakers on future trends, had a nice lunch a couple of weeks ago. Half way into a wonderful Pizza at Vapiano we suddenly cracked, what probably is our most stupid or…genius idea so far:

“Why don’t we lock our selves up somewhere and chat away about trends, communication, design, technology, the environment, the world and much more for 24 hours without any sleep or pause. NO SLEEP – NO PAUSE! and broadcast it – Live!?”

Seconds later I was off the phone with Robin Danehav, thincasting mastermind, who answered in seconds “I’m in!”.

Göran Adlén & Johan Ronnestam 24 Hours Live at Clarion Sign Hotel! Thincasted by Robin Danehav.

The event will be broadcasted live, both here on my blog and on the campaign website 24 Hours.se, as well as performed on stage at Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. So, mark the 6th and 7th of May 2011 in your calendars. Ah, almost forgot. If you’re on Twitter. Use the #24live if you wanna tag along.

Oh, and of course it’s all free. If you wanna pay something – pay me a Tweet or a Facebook link.

See you at lunchtime on the 6th of may!

ps. For you english speaking readers – the event will be held in Swedish but followed with 24 videos summarising the event – these will be text translated.


Yesterday I got back from a fantastic weekend spent on the island of Tjärö, Sweden. Together with another 400 people I took part in something called the Sweden Social Web Camp (SSWC 2010).

This morning Swedish TV channel TV4 broadcasted a report made by Lisah Pettersson aka @JournalistLisah featuring a short comment by me.

Thanks Dr Spinn for guiding me towards this clip

Part from sharing knowledge the SSWC is also about party. And late the first night I found myself in the bar with my good friend Mattias Östmar. We both spoke about what makes you change things in your life and how you can make that happen. As we chatted away I mention I’d always wanted to jump of a high cliff [click to continue…]


I am a Swede. We’re not supposed to say we’re good at something. In fact even when others say we’re good we’re not supposed to say that either. We even have a name for it – ‘Jantelagen‘.

But I’m not like other Swedes and on top of that I’m pretty darn proud about the fact that the readers of Microsoft Advertising and Indikats monthly newsletter have named me Swedens most influential authority within the field of digital communication and innovation. Thank you!

Read it in Swedish or English (Google Translated).


I’m Not a Blogger. I’m a Logger!

People ask me from time to time why I’m a blogger. I tell them I’m not. What I am is a junkie for inspiration and reflection. A quite passionate one too.

For me this blog is the ultimate tool to log things that shape my life. Things, thoughts, people, objects and so on. I don’t really care what people think about it. The most important thing is what I think about it. My personal space so to say…only more public that most personal spaces.

The time it takes to write something and then press that publish button is just enough to filter the bad stuff away and let the good shit shine.

This video showing a huge flock of birds is exactly one of those things. I just have to put it down in writing. I spotted it this morning on SwissMiss. Birds have been doing this for about 200 million years and they still put on a show no human being can ever top. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating – Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration!

ps. In case you’ve missed the speech by Janine Benyus over at TED.com on Natures Designs you should head over there asap and get inspired!

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TEDxStockholm and Tales of Passion

This weekend I was one of the privileged ones attending the second TEDxStockholm with among others Hans Rosling speaking. TEDxStockholm is a place for people who believe in the power of ideas and inspiring talks to help shape the face of the future.


A great picture by Gitta Wilén from the first TEDxStockholm. Can you spot me?

Together with another 200 people (who like me created their own name tag) I spent the sunny Saturday inside a cellar and I’ll tell you – if I could have turned myself into a Bat I’d still be there hanging up side down, still inspired still amazed. Thank you Teo Härén and Henrik Ahlen for turning my Sunday into a joyride !


My TEDxStockholm name tag

Once home I spent the evening with some friends who had never heard about TED and once again I realized how few people in this country who actually know about the whole TED.com thing.

Nobody, absolutely nobody should spend their life on this wet bowling ball of ours that we call Mother Earth without having spent at least 10 hours of their life on TED.com.

TED is about sharing thoughts on innovation, ideas, research, knowledge and passion. And since I’m personally all about passion I’d like to share one my favorite speeches from TED before you go on and explore on your own. Here is Isabel Allende telling you tales about passion in the most passionate way one can imagine

So, even though this post feels like the most obvious post I’ve ever written I just have to make one thing sure – ALL OF YOU! GO TO TED.COM now if you haven’t been there before. Learn and become inspired.


Idag är det den 10:e september. Imorgon är det den 11:e. Om du anmäler dig till Next Event innan morgondagen är över betalar du 1990 kronor istället för 2990 kronor.

Mer om The Next Event läser du här. Om du undrar varför jag pushar för det hela kan du börja här först.


I’m a Leo

August has already passed and maybe it’s a little bit late for me to share my horoscope. But since I like it I’ll share it anyway. My birthday is the 20th of August and that makes me a Leo.


I just loved this portrait found on FFFFound of a Leo and couldn’t find a better reason to post it on my blog.

Here is my Horoscope:

[click to continue…]


Med undantag för något överraskande inslag är talarlistan till The Next Event klar. Jag är så otroligt stolt över att få presentera vad jag tycker är sveriges intressantaste mix av talare inom ämnen som kommunikation, varumärken, marknadsföring, sociala media och reklam. Idag satte vi pricken över ‘i’ på plats när Gunnar Broman, the ABSOLUT man, tackade ja.


Mitt arbete med The Next Event börjar närma sig finalen. Lokalen är satt. Talarna klara. Schemat börjar sätta sig och nu börjar det handla om att dramatisera dagen på Södra Teatern.

Nu har vi en fantastisk blandning av unga, gamla, erfarna, nyfikna och framförallt kunniga talare på plats. Tillsammans kommer vi ge allt för att våra gäster får en så unik och inspirerande dag som möjligt.

Gunnar Broman, Lotta Lundgren, Per Robert Öhlin, Johan Ronnestam, Elia Mörling, Björn Alberts, Judith Wolst, Stefan Hyttfors, Leo Razzak, Andreas Lübeck, Per Torberger, Peter Lilliehök och Katja Janford välkomnar dig till The Next Event.

The NEXT Event är ett endagsseminarium i regi av Johan Ronnestam av Wednesday Relations den 8:e oktober på Södra Teatern i Stockholm.