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About five years ago I launched new process that could help brands and companies to break out of their stand still and also help me in creating the right climate for change in the projects I work with. I call this process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. 


The process contains of three main activites; Today, The Future and Tomorrow. 

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process is based on a combination of my own 20 years of experience of working with some of the most known brands of the world merged with ideas from leading innovators such as Hartmut Esslinger (the brain behind Frog Design), Yves Béhar and Dieter Rams and the way the car industry historically have been working with prototypes and innovation.

The car industry that have been working with prototypes for more than 50 years. These prototypes are not only meant to make people go wow. They’re in fact used to show the future direction of the car brand thus also align all expectations from media, customers, staff and partners in one direction. One of the most important thing is to make people look towards the future instead of looking back at history.


The BMW Efficient Engineering concept prototype showcased in Frankfurt 2009. In 2014 the BWM i8 has taken large parts of this concept into production.

Five years have passed and I’ve delivered six prototypes containing strategic and tactical recommendations for four of Sweden’s largest brands (Svenska Spel & ICA among others) and two of the worlds largest brands (Danone among others). Until now these projects has been hidden in the dark due to the fact that these brands have chosen to keep these projects secret. However, the projects have been successfully implemented and lead to dramatic changes in terms of how the companies have prioritized their budgets and future plans. Now I’m pleased to be able to give you insight into the process itself [click to continue…]


The Oracle says:



After 3D comes 4D


A couple of month ago I received my Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. Even though I’ve been speaking about the revolution 3D printing presents one can not really understand the impact of 3D printing before you actually have a 3D printer at home. My first prints were a couple of toys for my kids inspired by the classic [click to continue…]

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google-glasses-futureWould you wear a pair of these?

I got my first private mobile phone back in 1994. It was Nokia 2110, extremely small at that time. At that time you couldn’t get hold of wireless handsfree. Then a couple of years later I got my first Bluetooth enabled mobile. I can’t remember the brand but I do remember the first day I walked down a street in Stockholm and made a phone call on that thing. People looked at me suspiciously and I should probably be grateful that [click to continue…]

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In the end of 2009 I compiled the ten most read blog posts from my blog that year into a book. It’s been three years but I’d say it’s more relevant than ever. Top 10 blog post on future branding & communication

ps. I’ve got some if you wanna get your hands on an old school copy.



What are you doing tomorrow?

Now that’s a worthless question. You have no idea if you’re even alive tomorrow. Far too many people expect great things in the future but they’re not living today. You might say that goals are ok and of course they are, I’ve got tons of them. But it’s the journey that makes life worth living. Not the destination. The destination is merely a confirmation that you’ve finished your journey and need to get going on a new adventure.

Almost every time I read or listen to an interview with an old woman or man I hear “I wish I….more of….why didn’t I…I should have…”

We are born, we are raised and our creativity is taken out of us, step by step. We learn to follow rules, what is right and wrong, how to behave, what can and [click to continue…]


In 10 years from now you will…


  • …have the opportunity to be a passenger in your own driverless car.
  • …own storage of material for your 3D printer.
  • …not need to carry a credit card.
  • …have two or three mobile phones or whatever you’ll call them.
  • …control all electronics in your house with your mobile.
  • …be talking to a Japanese in Japanese without know japanese.
  • ….log everything you do to different databases online.
  • …drive a car that doesn’t run on gasoline.
  • …have a robot that will mow your lawn, clean your house and do your laundry.
  • …hear of the first human being who have turned 150 years old.
  • …spend more time than ever shopping for fresh food and no time at all shopping for stuff you don’t care about.
  • …have a drone following you with a camera when you do sports.
  • …see how robots have started to replace the 3rd world human workers in the world.
  • …wear safety products that reinvents your way of practising sports.
  • …think using your voice, brain and pupils to control things is normal.

I’ll still be surfing and my oldest daughter will turn 18 years old.

We’re soon there!



We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift. In Sweden and around the world advertising agencies are fighting over clients. As I’m meeting brands both in- and outside Sweden I’m often approached by major brand owners asking me which agency I would recommend. Most of them complain over the fact that the big agencies of today still haven’t got what digital is all about while the digital agencies haven’t got what branding and communication truly is about.

Behind the scenes great brands are switching agencies like I used to switch dipers on my kids a couple of years ago. This is not a good thing. Great communication is built upon good relations between agency and client and a deep understanding of what the brand you’re supposed to communicate stands for. So how do you [click to continue…]


Do you remember what…

…sport you loved when you were a teenager?
…name your first love had?
…your favorite playground looked like when you were a kid?
…games you used to play after school?
…your favorite color was when you were young?
…music you listened to?
…how your childrens room looked like?
…authors you used to read?
…color your first bike was?
…movies you liked as a young boy or girl.
…your first kiss?

I do.

Do you remember what…

…your math teacher in 8th grade was [click to continue…]


Inspired by Swedish blogger Fredrik Wass who stated that he will blog for a 100 days in a row I felt I had to get my blog going again. So here we go!

Photographed by Paulina while forecasting trends at the Creative Summit together with among others Brian Solis and Alf Rehn.

In 2011 I was honored to be selected as the keynote speaker for events all over Europe. I delivered more than 80 keynotes on entrepreneurship, creative ideas, future branding, communication and business development, some of them shared here on Slideshare. In more than 90% of the occasions I was given the highest ranking of all the speakers by the audience. Hell, I even spoke for 24 hours in a row without any sleep. In other words – I’m confident I have some thoughts to share on how to deliver a great keynote presentation.

Here are 15 keys to deliver a fantastic keynote presentation.

1. Before even getting on stage – make sure you’ve got your logos, pathos and ethos wired.

What you speak about is 50% of your keynote, but the way you look and sound giving that keynote is the other 50%. The worlds first branding expert Aristotles knew how to make people buy what he sold. He divided the means of persuasion, appeals, into three categories; Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

- Ethos: the source’s credibility, the speaker’s/author’s authority

My credibility when I’m speaking is of course a mix of how I look, my credentials and the way I bring my message forward on stage. A common mistake I see over and over again is when speakers enter the stage and then go; “Before I speak, let me tell you about who I am and the company I’m representing.” This is more or less totally unnecessary since you’re there for a reason. If you do your thing right people will understand [click to continue…]


How To Successfully Identify A Future Trend

I’m currently working on my 2011 brand and communication prediction. While I’m working on that I drew up one of the best models I know when it comes to predicting future trends. Enjoy!

How To Identify Trends


The 10 Commandments Of Future Brands

There’s a couple of things I demand from brands that make it all the way into my life. It’s really not that hard. It’s just about being prepared to sacrifice your life for what you believe in!

A Tweaked Moses with the Ten Commandments by Philippe de Champaigne 1648 from Freechristimages

Here are the 10 commandments of future brands

1. State a higher cause.

People follow brands just like we follow other people. State your mission and you will have people following you. The higher the cause the higher the prize. We will buy your products and services but now we’re in it for something else. Something that will last. This way you’ll ensure we’ll get through the good times and the bad.

2. Impress us with your miracles.

Me and most people grow tired quickly. Constantly surprise us without loosing your soul. In every relationship it’s about surprising people while staying true to your cause, your soul. The same goes for brands. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll gain from innovation. As long as you remain the same old brand you can expect loyalty from us.

3. Bring a smile to our faces every time we meet.

Someone once said “Smiling is good for you” and I can’t do anything but agree. A smile is the gift of gods, never forget that!

4. Tell us stories.

We’re still the same old half monkeys that used to sit by the camp fire and tell stories. It’s in our blood. Start telling them to us and we’ll move into a state of hypnosis. Once we wake up it’s to late – we’re hooked.

And remember! We’re living in the viral times. Whatever kinda shit you put together. Make sure it got wings. If I wanna show you of to my friends. Equip me with a rocket, some gas and a box of matches. I’ll put the whole universe on fire for you if you let me.

5. Wearing your mark of excellence is our badge of identification.

You might think you’re taking risks while developing your product and services. But hey! Think about us. We might be wearing those pants of yours in front of our friends. I might be taking my girl out for a date in the car you’re making. You better make people go wow when they see us!

6. Be true to your heritage – and if you haven’t got any, start building.

10% of what I’m paying for is your product or service. 90% of it is authenticity. Where do you come from. What gives you the right to do what you do.

7. Treat every possible interaction with us as your last chance to impress us.

There’s simply no reason not to treat every single interaction point as extremely important. What does it all do and how does it support your brand. Every pen. Every business card. Every phone. Every print ad. Every website. Every invoice. Every press release. Every board member. Every TVC. Every event. Every point of sale interaction. Every form. Every coffee machine. Every sales person. EVERYTHING matters!

8. Don’t copy others – build your own religion.

I sort of like cats even though I spit three times when I see a black one crossing the roads. But I fuck’n hate copycats. People love people taking risks. Sometimes you will fall down hard. But falling down teaches you how to avoid falling down again. Never falling down won’t teach you anything! Earning followers is about making sacrifices.

9. Be passionate about what you do.

I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone I love. Would you?

10. Save the world as we know it!

Sustainability. It’s just something we all will expect from strong brands and leaders. Sooner than later.