Top 5 viral advertising videos on Youtube in 2007

Financial Times reports on the advertisements that were most successful in attracting online viewers, as ranked by GoViral, the online marketing agency Here we go: 1. Cadbury - Gorilla Drummer - Launch online: August 2007 - Views on Youtube: 5m + lots of other user generated versions 2. Smirnoff –

Björk – The Innovation Girl

The girl from Island - Björk, obviously has the right touch. Through the years every now end then Björk turns up in new videos and movies. Although you might think this and that about her music you must agree that she is always ahead of

Prisoners rock the pants of Michel Jackson

If you haven't seen this wonderful movie from the Phillipines. Then do. It will ROCK your pants of. These guys are 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice! Note that the Video has 9,171,772 viewings! Someone release them NOW!

3 minute Ad Age – A podcast worth subscribing to.

A little recommendation for all you people out there who are into finding out more about the advertising business. Subscribe to the 3 minute Ad Age video. Delivered every day to your video podcast player of choice. Always informative almost always worth watching. More info over here.

I'm a fan of the Flying doggiestyle.

Have you heard about Flying Dog Brewery? No. Well, then it's about time you do. Flying Dog is this kick ass brewery founded by copywriters, illustrators and advertising professionals. Their attitude is raw, fun and very unique in the business of brewing beer. What Flying dog

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