Isn't this a cool girl

We were looking for cool things on YouTube the other day in the agency. This movie with a puppet girl in oversized format controlled by a large group of people turned up. It's beautiful and innovative.

A bike for the guys at Davos to consider

This is genius. It's a bike called the Aquaduct and it's a pedal powered vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water for the developing world. The Aquaduct was the winning entry in the Innovate or Die contest put on by Google and Specialized. The contest challenge

The pacemaker launch is coming closer

I'm soo much looking forward to the launch of the Pacemaker in February. Pacemaker is this revolutionizing portable DJ system packed with all the professional audio manipulation features you need to DJ where ever you go. What's stunning with it is that it's not only a DJ

This is experimental BUT great advertising

Got this one from the Fallon Planning blog. And it's so grabbing that I found myself watching the full 7 minutes. Brief Create an online viral video that shows peoples love for the Burger King Whopper. Problem We cannot tell people what a great product The whopper is, we

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