Mr Sagmeister innovates the blog format

I posted earlier on Stefan Sagmeisters new book Things I’ve learned in my life so far. Now he has followed up the book with a website/blog where he’s asking everyone to contribute. It’s a smart and innovative way to create an integration with the book

The Whopper Freak out is freaked out

A while back I wrote about the Whopper Freak out. A great advertising solution where Burger King killed the Whopper and put peoples reactions on TVC - all to see on their campaign site. However, now about two month later it's cool to see that the

Will illwilly win it for Barack?

Don't know if you have visited the campaign site for Barack Obama? It's an impressive showdown in distributed social advertising. The site, designed in a typical Web 2.0 style features tons of information on how to get involved in the campaign for Barack Obama as the

Yahoo Live is…eh live.

Since a couple of days ago Yahoo Live is Live. This new site allows anyone with a webcam to stream live video of themselves to a dedicated site. All their technology isn't in place obviously Of course live streaming has been available before, but the fact

Tooble is cool

Sometimes you see things you just have to share but you don't have time to write something intelligent. Tooble is one of those things. Then you go to the 'About' section and copy/past. Said and done: Tooble is a brand new program designed to bring the of content

It's time to apply for Konstfack 2008

Konstfack is the Swedish university collage of arts, crafts and design. It dates back to 1818. And to get more students to apply in 2008, a movie has been created to draw attention to the school. The movie is directed by RGB6 in Sweden. It seems

Fifa World Cup 2006 sites for adidas

Finally more than a year after launch I've uploaded a summary of the sites we produced at Foreign for adidas during the World Cup 2006 in Germany. We launched the first site in october 2006 and the last site (not featured in this movie) in July

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