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Change starts with a knife!


The food industry keeps on spending money on products that saves us time. Fast food, pre cooked food, half fabricates, frozen food etc etc. It’s easier than ever to distance ourselves from the fact that we are using up natures resources faster and faster. If we keep it up we’ll be in big trouble sooner than later.

This is where the knife comes into play. Get a really good knife. Buy fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Then put that iPhone or iPad away and let the cooking take time. As a result your relation to food will change and you’ll end up appreciating what mother nature gives us and in the long run you’ll start to use less of mother natures resources and more of your brain power.

Change starts with a knife, it’s that simple!



About one year ago I was one of the keynote speakers at Webbdagarna, one of Swedens biggest events on Internet, technology, communication, media, mobile and more.

My subject when I spoke last year was “2012 The Year of the Swedes” and except for the 2500 people who listened live, another 33491 people has watched my keynote once again on YouTube. A fairly good number considered it’s a Swedish speech. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead. I still think my points are most valid. (For you english speaking bloggers I’m sad to say that this speech was done in Swedish.)

This wednesday it’s time again. This year I wont be speaking but I’ll definitely be there both on wednesday and thursday. So if wanna catch up, feel free contact me.


ronnestam-andy-mike-tignesWay back in Tignes. Me, Tina, Andy, Mike and Greger in front.

Early in the nineties I spent most of my days snowboarding and it was at this time that I first met Mike Basich. Me, Mike, Andy Hetzel and Mike’s sister Tina acted trainers a snowboardcamp that Greger Hagelin who lated founded WESC arranged in Tignes. Me and Andy became good friends and about half a year later I visited Andy, Tina and Mike in Snowbird Utah. We spent two weeks riding some of the best powder I’ve ever seen. Now, more than 20 years later I’m still [click to continue…]

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The Oracle says:



After 3D comes 4D


A couple of month ago I received my Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. Even though I’ve been speaking about the revolution 3D printing presents one can not really understand the impact of 3D printing before you actually have a 3D printer at home. My first prints were a couple of toys for my kids inspired by the classic [click to continue…]

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Here you go. My Netvibes feeds again!

netvibes-feeds-ronnestamNetvibes. Still my favorite feed reader. 

Back in 2008 I wrote a blog post telling you how I used Netvibes to monitor tons of blogs. Then in 2011 I wrote a blogpost teaching you how I “stay ahead of the competition“.

Now the time has come again to share some love. I’ve uploaded my updated XML file for you here to download. ‹‹ Right click to download and then head to Netvibes, open an account if you haven’t [click to continue…]


What makes people take action?


The toughest question on earth. How do you make people do something? I don’t mean clicking ‘like’ on your Facebook page or follow a link only to spend 2 minutes watching a fun video. How do you actually make people see something, find out more about it and then take action. I’d say it’s harder than it’s ever been to make people take action. We’re spoiled and [click to continue…]

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mother-theresaMother Teresa knew social media long before it existed!

Tons of brands are recruiting social media experts. Here’s a little something for you all to think about.

A typical ad reads: To apply for this role we believe you; are an expert in social media, know how to spot trends, got extraordinary abilities to express yourself in text, have proven studies within communication, PR, media or equivalent with at least 1 year of working experience, have the knowledge to make sure our social media presence is in line with other communication activities, can plan and schedule our presence

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google-glasses-futureWould you wear a pair of these?

I got my first private mobile phone back in 1994. It was Nokia 2110, extremely small at that time. At that time you couldn’t get hold of wireless handsfree. Then a couple of years later I got my first Bluetooth enabled mobile. I can’t remember the brand but I do remember the first day I walked down a street in Stockholm and made a phone call on that thing. People looked at me suspiciously and I should probably be grateful that [click to continue…]

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In the end of 2009 I compiled the ten most read blog posts from my blog that year into a book. It’s been three years but I’d say it’s more relevant than ever. Top 10 blog post on future branding & communication

ps. I’ve got some if you wanna get your hands on an old school copy.


Wanna innovate your brand? Looking to start a new business? Thinking about building a product people will love? Want to make a fortune? Think no more. Connecting the digital world with the physical is the new black.

2012 was the year when we saw the first real outcomes of physical/digital products, either physical products that used digital assets to substantially create a better product experience or vice versa. Nike launched their Nike Fuel bracelet that kept track of every moment of your life but in order to fulfill your experience an account on Nike+ was needed. Activision had great success with Skylanders, a game you played on your game console but you had to buy physical characters to reach further into the game.

philips-huePhilips innovates a business that hasn’t changed for ages.

Only weeks ago I installed the new HUE lightbulb from Philips. Controlled from my iPhone or iPad (or Android if you prefer) but experienced for real. And last week I noted the latest pair of headphones accessory from [click to continue…]



I’m taking part in this #Blogg100 challenge that means I’m supposed to blog once a day for 100 days in a row.

I’ve just travelled for more than 24 hours and I’ve gotta get some sleep. This means that this blog post is all you’ll get from me today. See you tomorrow!