Microsoft Advertising And Indikat Says I’m Good At What I Do. Thank You!

I am a Swede. We’re not supposed to say we’re good at something. In fact even when others say we’re good we’re not supposed to say that either. We even have a name for it – ‘Jantelagen‘.

But I’m not like other Swedes and on top of that I’m pretty darn proud about the fact that the readers of Microsoft Advertising and Indikats monthly newsletter have named me Swedens most influential authority within the field of digital communication and innovation. Thank you!

Read it in Swedish or English (Google Translated).

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  • christinaknight

    Grattis Johan! Dina insatser är beundransvärda!

  • ronnestam

    Christina ›› Stort tack!

  • Grattis Johan! Kan inte annat än hålla med föregående “talare”. Uppskattar din blogg väldigt mycket.

  • ronnestam


  • per_t

    Grattis, förbannat kul! Ett erkännande som du arbetat dig till, skulle jag säga 🙂

  • Theresa Beffa @Tbeffs

    It's well deserved, Congratulations Johan! There's nothing wrong with having pride in your work. You're just as likely to admit if your work is crap too, although it never is. Your a humble man, so enjoy the moment. You've earned it.

  • ronnestam

    Hey T!

    Thanks a million for your kind words! Hugs!

  • ronnestam

    Tack Per 🙂