If you wanna be my brand!

If you’re my brand: Never let me down. Keep on making me smile. Stay cool. Always surprise me. Change when you need to, but stay true to your heritage. Dress nice. Make sure I don’t have to hide our love. If you do something bad – stay honest and tell the truth cause I will forgive you. And finally! Never ever take me for granted.

Tokyo in sunrise – A Brand that didn’t let me down. Taken from my Instagram feed.

If you’ll stick to these simple guidelines – I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life with you and give you my all my love. If not – get lost!

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  • Well, sounds like a good marriage 🙂

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  • Johan Frössén


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  • I loved this statement from the blog ”
    If you’re my brand: Never let me down. Keep on making me smile. Stay cool. ”
    Great read, loved it, so interesting one. 

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  • This is true and a brand conscious person must not forget these points. its also important for the branded companies to stick with these guidelines to make sure that they aren’t loosing their loyal customers.