How Traditionalists Think About Social Media

State your problems first. Then it might turn out social media is not what you need. And if it is. The do something unique made to work. Don’t just treat it like another channel where you can dump your offline activities.

A sloppy little drawing I did this morning inspired by the works of Al Baik.

Oh…like when you do traditional advertising you actually need money. It’s not free to reach success. And oh nr 2 – online communication is about creating equity over time. Campaigns might work every now and then but overall you should strive to build a socially distributed content driven platform over time. Then you might get fans. Might…

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    well, these traditionalists forget is we live in a century with customers who both … Just think about how one

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    I'm not a traditionalist at all, in fact quite the opposite, I just think the social networking fad is all a bit sad, I'd rather to go out …

  • dkdslsdon

    you still have to do the leg work. crank out the contact now instead of making the phone calls.

  • Johan Ronnestam

    Always :)


    I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

  • gurung
  • Johan Ronnestam


  • Phil

    Social media is free while old media is paid and that not the only main difference, i think social media provide more traffic

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